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Our Capital Campaign is on now. We are working towards our minimum goal of 500,00 and with your help we can get there.

We are now accepting investment for our Capital Investment Campaign. This means we are only a few steps away from eliminating the food desert in downtown St. Catharines. But building this store isn't only a good deed, it's an investment in your community that will provide a social benefit and financial return.

Garden City Food Co-op will be a grocery store located in downtown St. Catharines filled with fresh, locally produced and fairly priced foods directly from local farms. In this store, the money you pay for your groceries will be a contribution to the sustainable development of your local community. All for the better, you'll feed yourself, your family, your neighbours, and the local economy. The store is not owned by a corporation but by its members who have an active role in how it is run through our one member one vote system. Learn more about co-ops.



Niagara_VegFest.pngNiagara VegFest... who knew? (by Sandra Ozkur)  I recently volunteered to help to get the word out to potential members and investors at this very critical time. By September 1st, we need to get supporters to become investors in order to reach the $500,000.00 mark and make this store a reality. (read more)




May 2016 Newsletter
Here's the latest news of what the Garden City Food Co-op  has been up to lately. (read more)



What is the Capital Investment Campaign? (by Mandi Gould)
So, you've received your brochure in the mail, looked it over, and now you're being called by our volunteers who are asking you to invest - but maybe you're still unsure about the big picture. What IS the Capital Investment Campaign? (read more)



InvestSundayJuneJuly.jpgGCFC Investment Sign-Up Sundays - June 26th, July 10th & July 24th, 2016

This has been the main event for signing up our investors.

Come to an Investment Sunday event held on alternate Sundays at Co-work Niagara from 1-3 pm or check out the Invest page to find out more! Please RSVP on our web site under events

3rd Annual Potluck Picnic - July 17th, 2016

A time to thank our volunteers, meet one another and have some summer fun.

Find out more


To view more upcoming events, visit our events page.


Have a look at our new video to learn all about the
Capital Investment Campaign! 




There's lots to be done!

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