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Garden City Food Co-op will be a grocery store located in downtown St. Catharines filled with fresh, locally produced and fairly priced foods directly from local farms. In this store, the money you pay for your groceries will be a contribution to the sustainable development of your local community. All for the better, you'll feed yourself, your family, your neighbours, and the local economy. The store is not owned by a corporation but by its members who have an active role in how it is run through our one member one vote system. Learn more about co-ops.


What is the Capital Investment Campaign? (by Mandi Gould)
So, you've received your brochure in the mail, looked it over, and now you're being called by our volunteers who are asking you to invest - but maybe you're still unsure about the big picture. What IS the Capital Investment Campaign? (read more)


Growing Herbs at home (by Elizabeth Chitty) Do you like to cook? Or maybe you don’t like to cook, but must? Either way, growing your own herbs is a great way to liven up your food! (read more)




GCFC Investment Sign-Up Sunday - May 15 th, 2016

Are you interested in investing in Garden City Food Co-op? Then join us on Sunday, May 15th at 1pm at Cowork Niagara to be one of our first investors! We'll have co-op representatives on hand to help guide you through the investment process. Refreshments will be provided.              

To RSVP, please click here.

To view more upcoming events, visit our events page.


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