Nominations to the Board 2016





Greetings! If you are a member of Garden City Food Co-op, you will have received your mailed Save the Date postcard and an e-blast for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 20 @ 2pm. A co-op relies on strong leadership from the Board and participation from the membership. We need you! Now is the time to build the barn!

Thank-you to the following nominees for stepping up to the plate! Each nominee has completed the signed nomination form, meets legal requirements, has read the Board Responsibilities and Code of Conduct and agrees to adhere to GCFC policies. Each was required to declare any conflicts of interest as per our policy. Click on each name for the nominees' submitted information.

Anna Balla
Tabitha Jamieson
Michael O'Neill
Jansin Ozkur
Sean Polden
Mark Stevens

We are seeking a full complement of 9 Board members. (Article 4.1 of the GCFC Bylaws requires 5-9 Directors.) Two of our three current mid-term Board members are completing their terms, President Mark Shantz and Treasurer Sandra Booker. The two members appointed during the past year are not running for election. Therefore, we need 7 new Board members.

We thank Susan Gammage, Kayla Krasnor and Jennifer Crysler Loney for their past service.

FYI, nominees will briefly address the membership prior to the election or acclamation. If we receive only one nomination from the floor, all nominees will be acclaimed (no election). If we receive more than one nominations from the floor, an election will be held, ballots distributed and votes counted during the Mustard Seed presentation on the Agenda.

A few tips:

  • Nominees must be members of Garden City Food Co-op.
  • You can nominate yourself or a fellow member.
  • You must have the permission of your nominee to nominate them and a seconder present at the AGM. You must be there or delegate a nominator who will be present.
  • It is possible to nominate someone who cannot attend the AGM.
  • Nominees from the floor will be required to review the Board Responsibilities, Board Code of Conduct, and Conflict of Interest policies, which will be available at the AGM. It would be useful for nominees to review these in advance - download each of those policies on the Governance page of the website here.
  • If you know you are running beforehand, please bring the completed Nominations Form with you to the AGM to save time. Download the 2016 Nominations Form here. It is a Word document you can fill out on your computer. Remember to sign it!

 Other important info good to know:

  • GCFC has a brand new Elections Policy which you can review on the Governance page of the website here.
  • Our Bylaws are always available for download on the Governance page of the website here.
  • Nominees can rest assured that GCFC carries Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

Have you rsvp’d yet for the March 20 AGM? Please do so here or by e-mailing

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